Are you tired of supposed detail shops that are really just a sideline to one of those big car washes or tint shops? Let The Wax Shack give your car the attention it deserves!

Whether your ride is a Chevy or a Ferrari,
The Wax Shack will make your car look showroom new again!

We offer the most experienced staff in town, with the same owner since we opened 33 years ago in 1982, and he still trains each craftsman who works on your car and works on them himself. We use only the finest products and most thorough and advanced cleaning processes available. The wisest investment you can make in your car's value is in its appearance- studies show that this is the single most important consideration determining the value of your car. Whether you are selling your car or just want to fall in love all over again, we promise you a better-than-new, showroom worthy vehicle. And you get the added bonus of knowing you are supporting a real, local family business where a percentage of the profits are donated to charity and taking care of our customers is
the number one priority! Keep reading to learn more, check out our Packages, and then schedule your appointment to come on in and become a customer for life! 


Yes, we really do use Q-TIps ®! Here's what's included in our 
Wax Shack Q-Tip Detail:

The People
The first secret to the Wax Shack Q-Tip Detail is the people who are doing it! We are a family business that has been around for 32 years and every person who works on your car is a highly trained technician paid as a skilled worker- never minimum wage employees. We care about your car!

The Exterior
  • Your vehicle is meticulously hand washed
  • Unlike other shops that charge extra (a lot extra!) for paint correction, every complete detail at the Wax Shack includes buffing so your car always leaves looking it's best.  And true to our reputation for being above industry standard, we use not a 1 or 2 step buffing process, but 3!

​  1- Surface scratches and swirl marks are polished away with a high speed buffer

2- Paint is polished a second time with an orbital polisher to get a perfectly smooth finish and a deep shine

3-  Paint conditioner and feeder oils are buffed into your paint with a dual action polisher to achieve the envied Wax Shack "wet look" or "mirror finish". Many people don't realize that just like your skin, your paint loses it's moisture (in the form of feeder oils) over time and that moisture needs to be replenished. Otherwise it dries out and the result is oxidation and cracking, much like dry skin. Replenishing that moisture is critical to maintain healthy, vibrant paint- especially here in Texas! And slow, generous buffing with a dual action polisher and high end feeder oils is the real secret to the envied Wax Shack Wet Look finish. 

  • Your vehicle is then hand waxed with REAL wax (that means 100% carnauba, folks) to seal the shine and add depth and protection
  • Your wheels are meticulously polished by hand and protected to resist brake dust and road grime 
  • Your tires are cleaned and conditioned with "sling free" protectant
  • Your trim and chrome are polished to a brilliant shine (even tail pipe extensions) at no extra charge

The Interior
  • Your carpets and seats are professionally cleaned to remove spots, stains spills, and odors. We actually shampoo both carpets and seats, then extract them to truly eliminate stains. We never just run a steam wand over them to sink stains further in.
  • Your headliner is cleaned to remove spots and odors (that's the fabric on your ceiling)
  • The door panels and dash are shampooed and conditioned with UV protectant.  You'll get to choose whether you want a natural matte finish, a medium gloss,  or a high gloss.
  • All of your gauges, vents, dials- every little nook and cranny- is Q-tipped to remove dust and build up and conditioned with a special automotive detail brush made of horsehair
  • There is no extra charge for leather, which is very carefully cleaned with a gentle pH-balanced cleaner, then conditioned with very high end products containing aloe and natural oils to keep your leather supple and healthy.
  • Touch screens are carefully cleaned with Mother's ReVision Touchscreen Cleaner, "It is designed to remove oily, sticky and smudges off your electronic devices. It will safely clean delicate touchscreen surfaces, while the antimicrobial microfiber towel buffs the surface to a smudge-free shine."
  • Even the door jambs are cleaned and waxed 
  • The trunk area is always included and is shampooed just like the rest of the interior. 


When we say family business, it's for real! We have been in business since 1982, and our team includes the owner's daughter, his son, and his son's wife- so we are doing our part to Keep Austin Local! The owner has personally detailed enough vehicles that if you lined them up bumper to bumper on I-35, they would stretch all the way from Austin to San Antonio!
People are a top priority- customers are never just a ticket, and our employees are paid as skilled technicians, not just minimum wage workers. We are proud to even have two employees who have been a part of our team since 1983 and 1985 respectively, and customers who have trusted us with their cars for over 30 years. 
Giving back to our community is important, too-  100% of our employees who aren't family (and some who are) are veterans who served our country, and 5% of our total profits are donated to charities, including World Vision, 
Mobile Loaves and Fishes Austin, Soldier's Angels, Noonday, The James Fund for Orphans and Widows, NAMB,  4-H, and Girl Scouts of Central Texas. So you can feel great knowing that at the same time you are restoring your car, you are also supporting lots of great organizations and the local community! Have a favorite charity you'd like us to support? We're always open to ideas!


 "The Wax Shack keeps my fleet of Antique Limousines looking brand new!" -Sam Basset, owner of Antique Limousines of Austin

"I thought 'Real Auto Detailing' was just a slogan- but I actually watched them go over my truck with Q-Tips!  They really do DETAIL the car- it was a completely different experience from those big car washes." -Kent T.

"Got my car detailed here before trading it in for a new car. Big mistake!!  car looked so good I ended up keeping it. No new car for me." -Jimmy Z., Yelper 

The Wax Shack keeps this family collection of exotic cars looking better than new!

This Gullwing Mercedes AMG sure got a lot of attention today- listen to this story! At one point, an official with Austin Street and Bridge came by and we thought there was a problem. He came up to George and said, "Excuse me sir, but I have a report of a silver car that is parked here... <insert whirling thoughts of concern in our minds> ... and is too good looking to be sitting still- it should be on the road!"

Robert on Facebook said "See for yourself. Wax Shack is the best!" and on Yelp, "They say that a car is your second largest purchase that you'll ever make. Well, if you've ever owned a black car you know that it's the hardest to maintain, and a large investment. When black paint looks good no other color can compare. When it looks bad, it looks really bad! I try very hard to maintain the paint on my 2005 C6 Corvette that is all black. Some Vette owners don't drive them daily - I do. A black car and a particular owner is a combination that only the best can satisfy. That's why I'm so thankful that I can trust my car to George at the Wax Shack. I've posted a picture of my car right after he finished my "Black Car Package." The Wax Shack is mobile which is GREAT! So, if you are "Particular" about your car (did I say I was?), then trust your car to the Wax Shack. If there was a rating greater than 5 Stars the Wax Shack would get them!" and shared a photo:

Dramatic difference on a Mercedes! We took care of some serious wet sanding lines and swirls and gave it our Mirror Finish!

 "From my carpets and seats to the little cracks and crevices in my dash, my car looks amazing!" -Theresa Hoffit 

First Tesla X in the Austin area! This was a fun one to do! 

Another happy customer! Thomas Gilliland of Fonda San Miguel, home of the best Sunday Brunch in Austin!

Working some Wax Shack Magic on this oxidized classic Mercedes:

Greg on Facebook said "Here is my Yukon before The Wax Shack got ahold of it. Also included the after look, thank you George!" 
and shared a photo:

Greg is back and shared more photos of his Yukon and this comment on FB: "Able to see the clouds in my hood! George and crew accomplish amazing things!" -Greg

 "The Wax Shack buffed away my surface scratches and oxidation! They even polished away the swirl marks another company left behind. My car sparkles!" -David Simmons

"My used, new-to-me car now looks new to everyone!" -Kent T. on Yelp, and shared this photo:

"Brought in my 1992 Civic, they cleaned, conditioned, polished, shampood, degreased, dusted, even painted some of the engine bay.  I have NEVER seen my car look this good!  They clerks at Auto Zone were amazed.   They do a great job every time.  Don't fall for groupons with a $75 detail, you will be disappointed.  This is the best place in town.  People who know bring their high end cars here.  I am a collector, have had 65 cars.  This is the best detail shop I have ever seen." -Kenneth H., Yelper and customer for over a decade

Had fun bringing back the original paint on this 1974 F100- especially since George is a Ford truck guy! Here's the hood halfway done:

77 year old Sara H. shows off her classic 1979 Mercedes 320D!

Detailing twin Tesslas today! Using their amazing technology, they both found their way to the best detail shop in Austin and booked themselves a spa day! We enjoyed pampering these great cars and they drove back to their owners looking better than new! These are definitely some smart cars- thanks for choosing The Wax Shack.

We love some of the comments on Bobby's photo: "Po po pulling you over for BLINDING PEOPLE! LOL" "Bro, I see you got that mirror job jumpin off!" and "Southwest king!" Bobby said, " "Best in Austin...Thanks. Great job on my baby...looks like a new car Luther is killin...At night it is even more serious. I'm thinking about starting a VIP limousine service." Thanks for showing off your mirror finish! Here's the pic:

Some of the crew doing the final check on this Audi:

No need to photoshop shine marks here!

Halfway done taking the tar off this hood!

"George and his team are incredible.  I have a 90s car and he did the black car paint restore.  They made the car look new and his service is amazing.  One of the best detail shops I've been to ever.  He has my business and I've mentioned him to many friends already.  I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!" -Johnny S., Yelper

More Wax Shack Magic! This parking lot scrape disappeared: 

 "Well, let me ask you this; do you want your car to look like it just got washed at the gas station? Or do you want it to look like newer than when it rolled off the lot?  My truck came back looking like it had been coated in diamonds and wrapped in mirrors. The wax job was so good, it blew my mind." -Colton K., Yelper ?

Paul, who owns Crawfish King, with his better-than-new Camaro, complete with lots of fun options! Glad we could get you shining again, Paul! Maybe next time you can tip us in crawfish! Mmmmmm! smile emoticon

 Enjay posted on our Facebook timeline: "Thank you wax shack! My car says you made her "moist" again!! She glowing! ! I think she's pregnant..........LOL! Thanks again!, she's beautiful!" We LOVE it! She also shared these great before and after pics. Thanks so much Enjay! You get Comment of the Month award!

"Wow, wow, wow! My Absolutely Red Toyota is much better than showroom condition! Thanks for a superb detail job!" -Jim D., Facebook

Check out this interior! Water stains and grime- gone! And all using the power of water and air. Our new Tournador machine is the industry-leading way to remove stains deep down using a vortex of water and air instead of harsh chemicals.

Sam on Facebook said "I don't think color matters, they did a really good job on my white m3." 
and shared a photo:

 "My car had standing water in it from being parked on a street that flash-flooded during a crazy Texas summer storm.  The water level was high enough on the street for the water to go in through the bottom of the doors.  It stunk and refused to dry out over the next couple of days so I started calling it Swamp Car. After reading other reviews on Yelp with similar water issues and/or Swamp Cars, I called The Wax Shack.  They bent over backwards to fit me in ASAP and explained every step of the process to me in a friendly unpretentious way.  (I had never had my car professionally cleaned before.)  Their customer service is top notch.  They let me pick up my car at my own convenience after hours, and it looked cleaner inside than it's ever been since it was new.  I'll just be picking up a fancy car scent from Bath & Bodyworks for my Swamp-Car-No-More." -Kara F., Yelper

"Big chain that will hurry through your car? No. Local family business you can trust to care about your car? Absolutely! Amazing attention to detail, great service from a real family business. The outside of my car looks like a mirror, and the inside looks TRULY better than it did when it was new. WHAT A BARGAIN!!! So glad I finally found a REAL detail shop and don't have to waste any more money at places that do a half-way job. Thank you Wax Shack!"- Kerri T. Google Plus Roy said, "These guys are amazing! They made my wife's Audi look great!" Thanks Roy! We were glad to be able to salvage your paint job! Thanks for sharing this pic:

Michael just picked up his Shelby Mustang. He says, "It looks fantastic!" Here's his pic:
"WOW! My car looks better than new! Really. When I brought my Accord into The Wax Shack it had scratches and swirls from using car washes and the paint looked really dull. When I picked it up a few hours later, I really didn't recognize it. The scratches were gone, no more swirls, and I swear the paint was shinier than when I drove it off the lot. The shine looked deep and wet, like I could fall into it, just like they said it would. I really couldn't believe it was my car. Years of neglect, erased! Better than new. Did I mention better than new? The interior looks amazing, too, but I'm just blown away by how great my paint looks. I took a picture of it to send to a friend, and it actually has big shine marks all over in the photo from the sun reflecting off of it like crazy. One of the reviews on Yelp said his car looked like it was covered in diamonds and wrapped in mirrors- and now I can see what he was talking about! Truly amazing. A new car for the price of a detail. Best investment I ever made." -Kent S., Google+:

Happy to keep you loving your BMW, Dean! Thanks for your loyal business!

Art, thrilled to get your 09 Challenger looking better than a new one!

"I can't wait to send my friends!" Thanks- that's the best compliment we can get! Glad you love it.

Before and after of a '15 Challenger that had some pretty serious swirls and cobwebs. They all came out, and the finish looks better than new!


Enjoyed getting these classics ready for the big car show today! Good luck, Mark!

Flooded in a storm? Here's a car that came in yesterday (05/28). If you're wondering why you can't get all the water out of your carpets no matter how long you vacuum, here's why- this is what's underneath once we remove the seats and carpets:

And here it is the next day once we finished our Wet Remediation:

Here's a before and after of today's flooded car, a red '92 Stealth. It was such a dramatic difference that when the owner came back by halfway through the process and saw the seats already cleaned and sitting out he didn't recognize them and couldn't believe they were his seats- and even went and got his wife out of the car to show her. They were so excited about just the seats, we can't wait to see their faces when they see the whole thing done!

Update: Harold picked up his Stealth and couldn't believe it. He said, "I'm thrilled! It looks better than it did before it got flooded! And it even smells good!" We're enjoying the dramatic differences and elated (and relieved) owners with these flooded cars!

A concrete contractor oversprayed a bunch of vehicles with cement. Here is a Jeep Patriot that is now happily cement-free, with a finish that looks better than before it got sprayed with cement!

Another one we took the cement off of- good as new now!

Enjoyed doing this Mercedes- one of many Classic Cars we care for. Love the license plate.

Shout out to all our XB owners!

This black car had some terrible swirls, but it came out amazing! Another happy customer! Here's the before:

 And after:

Another after shot:

And the happy customer:

Want to share your photo? Email it to or share it on Facebook or in your Yelp review and we'd love to feature it on our website, too!
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