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Our High Performance upgrade to make your black vehicle stunning!


When our owner started detailing all those years ago he knew that if he could make a black finish look amazing that the other colors would be a piece of cake. For 30 years he has been developing the perfect process for making even a black finish look perfect, wet, and swirl-free, and you'll be amazed at the result!

We offer a special upgrade package for black cars to give them the extra pampering they require to look their best. In addition to the Complete Wax Shack Detail, here's what the black upgrade includes:

We start with a meticulous hand wash to insure that no dust or grit will be present during paint correction, polishing and waxing. Next your vehicle is pampered with The Clay Bar Treatment to remove embedded contaminants like tree sap, "honeydew", rail dust and others. These substances are stuck on and in nearly every car's finish and are why your car doesn't feel slick and smooth immediately after washing. Skipping this time-consuming step is one of the major reasons most shops leave behind those psychedelic swirl marks- if you use a high-speed buffer to go over paint that has embedded contaminants, that big buffer does a fantastic job of grinding all those sticky and gritty substances around in your paint, leaving behind a swirly mess! After our Clay Bar Treatment your paint will feel like glass and be properly prepared for paint correction, allowing us to remove those awful swirls instead of create them.

Then we buff away the surface scratches and swirl marks that are so easy to see on a black finish. Swirls serve as visual interruptions and break up the mirror look that everyone wants on their black paint, so removing them makes an astounding difference in the final wow of your wet-look finish. Conditioning oils specially designed for black finishes are then buffed into your clearcoat resulting in the envied Wax Shack wet look. Black finishes absorb more sunlight, so they require more moisturizing than other colors, which is why we don't skimp on this step and use the more expensive oils designed to maintain a healthy finish in black paint.

Finally your paint is sealed with a professional pure synthetic polymer to lock in the shine and conditioning oils. This state of the art sealant offers the most durable protection on the market today. Now you'll be the envy of every other black car driver that passes you on the road!

Be Sure to let us know when you call in that you want the Black Car Package so that we can budget the extra time necessary to make your black vehicle look the way it should.

Here's some fan feedback from customers who are excited about the Black Car Package on their cars:

Robert on Facebook said "See for yourself. Wax Shack is the best!" and shared a photo, and on Yelp, "They say that a car is your second largest purchase that you'll ever make. Well, if you've ever owned a black car you know that it's the hardest to maintain, and a large investment. When black paint looks good no other color can compare. When it looks bad, it looks really bad! I try very hard to maintain the paint on my 2005 C6 Corvette that is all black. Some Vette owners don't drive them daily - I do. A black car and a particular owner is a combination that only the best can satisfy. That's why I'm so thankful that I can trust my car to George at the Wax Shack. I've posted a picture of my car right after he finished my "Black Car Package." The Wax Shack is mobile which is GREAT! So, if you are "Particular" about your car (did I say I was?), then trust your car to the Wax Shack. If there was a rating greater than 5 Stars the Wax Shack would get them!" 

Greg on Facebook said "Here is my Yukon before The Wax Shack got ahold of it. Also included the after look, thank you George!" and shared a photo:

 "The Wax Shack buffed away my surface scratches and oxidation! They even polished away the swirl marks another company left behind. My car sparkles!" -David Simmons

Roy said, "These guys are amazing! They made my wife's Audi look great!" Thanks Roy! We were glad to be able to salvage your paint job! Thanks for sharing this pic:

"George and his team are incredible.  I have a 90s car and he did the black car paint restore.  They made the car look new and his service is amazing.  One of the best detail shops I've been to ever.  He has my business and I've mentioned him to many friends already.  I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!" -Johnny S., Yelper

 "Well, let me ask you this; do you want your car to look like it just got washed at the gas station? Or do you want it to look like newer than when it rolled off the lot?  My truck came back looking like it had been coated in diamonds and wrapped in mirrors. The wax job was so good, it blew my mind." -Colton K., Yelper

Kerri T. on Google Plus said, "Big chain with an automatic wash? No. Local family business you can trust to care about your car? Absolutely! Amazing attention to detail, great service from a real family business. The outside of my car looks like a mirror, and the inside looks TRULY better than it did when it was new. WHAT A BARGAIN!!! So glad I finally found a REAL detail shop and don't have to waste any more money at places that do a half-way job. Thank you Wax Shack!" and shared a photo from her visit:

We love some of the comments on Bobby's photo: "Po po pulling you over for BLINDING PEOPLE! LOL" "Bro, I see you got that mirror job jumpin off!" and "Southwest king!" Bobby said, " "Best in Austin...Thanks. Great job on my baby...looks like a new car Luther is killin...At night it is even more serious. I'm thinking about starting a VIP limousine service." Thanks for showing off your mirror finish! Here's the pic:

And some more pics of happy customers:



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