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Selling your car? Time to trade in? Let us help you get top dollar!

If you're looking to get top dollar when you sell or trade-in your car, you have come to the right place! Numerous studies agree that the single most important factor in determining the value of your car is it's appearance. Getting a thorough detail inside and out is the best way to boost your car's value instantly! This small expense can mean a drastic difference in how much money you get for your car. We have had many wonderful success stories over the years, and we get a lot of calls from happy customers thanking us for the much higher price they were able to get for their cars after we got them looking new again.

Our Sell Your Car/ Trade-In Prep Package is a thorough detail inside and out, and even the engine- but buyer beware- you just might decide you want to keep your car after all when you see how great it looks! Here's what this all-inclusive package includes:

The People
The first secret to the Wax Shack Q-Tip Detail is the people who are doing it! We are a family business that has been around for 32 years and every person who works on your car is a highly trained technician paid as a skilled worker- never minimum wage employees. We care about your car!

The Exterior
Your vehicle is meticulously hand washed
Unlike other shops that charge extra (a lot extra!) for paint correction, every complete detail at the Wax Shack includes buffing so your car always leaves looking it's best. This process makes the difference between a car that looks just okay and a car that looks well maintained and has a better-than-new shine that will wow buyers and dealers looking at your car. And true to our reputation for being above industry standard, we use not a 1 or 2 step buffing process, but 3!

​ 1- Surface scratches and swirl marks are polished away with a high speed buffer
2- Paint is polished a second time with an orbital polisher to get a perfectly smooth finish and a deep shine
3- Paint conditioner and feeder oils are buffed into your paint with a dual action polisher to achieve the envied Wax Shack "wet look" or "mirror finish". Many people don't realize that just like your skin, your paint loses it's moisture (in the form of feeder oils) over time and that moisture needs to be replenished. Otherwise it dries out and the result is oxidation and cracking, much like dry skin. Replenishing that moisture is critical to maintain healthy, vibrant paint- especially here in Texas! And slow, generous buffing with a dual action polisher and high end feeder oils is the real secret to the envied Wax Shack Wet Look finish that gets your paint looking amazing, well cared for, and often better than it did when it first drove off the lot.
Your vehicle is then hand waxed with REAL wax (that means 100% carnuba, folks) to seal the shine and add depth and protection
Your wheels are meticulously polished by hand and protected to resist brake dust and road grime
Your tires are cleaned and conditioned with "sling free" protectant
Your trim and chrome are polished to a brilliant shine (even tail pipe extentions) at no extra charge

The Interior
Your carpets and seats are professionally cleaned to remove spots, stains spills, and odors. We actually shampoo both carpets and seats, then extract them to truly eliminate stains. We never just run a steam wand over them to sink stains further in.
Your headliner is cleaned to remove spots and odors (that's the fabric on your ceiling)
All of your door panels, vinyl, and dash are shampooed thoroughly- we never just wipe greasy Armor All type stuff over the top of the dirt- we shampoo every square inch, then we condition with high end conditioners. You'll get to choose whether you want a natural matte finish, a medium gloss, or a high gloss, leaving all your surfaces looking new again, and all our conditioners have UV protectant built in, so you can tell potential buyers that the vehicle has a fresh protection package applied inside and out.
All of your gauges, vents, dials- every little nook and cranny- is Q-tipped to remove dust and build up and conditioned with a special automotive detail brush made of horsehair
There is no extra charge for leather, which is very carefully cleaned with a gentle pH-balanced cleaner, then conditioned with very high end products containing aloe and natural oils to keep your leather supple and healthy, and of course UV protected.
Touch screens are carefully cleaned with Mother's ReVision Touchscreen Cleaner, "It is designed to remove oily, sticky and smudges off your electronic devices. It will safely clean delicate touchscreen surfaces, while the antimicrobial microfiber towel buffs the surface to a smudge-free shine."
Even the door jambs are cleaned and waxed
The trunk area is always included and is shampooed just like the rest of the interior.
The Engine
First, the engine compartment is carefully and thoroughly washed and degreased
Then the soft materials in the engine compartment are conditioned to restore their original luster
Your engine compartment will leave looking exceptionally clean and well maintained, and mechanics as well as potential buyers and dealers will be impressed with how well your engine has been cared for!

Now you're ready to get top dollar for your car! And don't forget to drop us a line to share your success story! Just let us know you're getting ready to sell when you call to schedule your appointment, and we'll do the rest!




The Wax Shack can restore your headlamps for a fraction of the cost of most places! We offer this service at a deep discount to customers purchasing a Wax Shack Package to make sure every aspect of your car leaves looking new.We highly recommend adding this service to give prospective buyers the full WOW experience when looking at your amazingly new-looking car. Just let us know when you schedule your appointment that you are interested in adding this service so that we can schedule the extra time to get your lamps looking as new as the rest of your car.

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