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Motorcycles put the detail in detailing! While there's less overall mass to clean than a car, there are numerous kinds of surfaces that all require meticulous attention to detail and the utmost care and precision on a whole different level. You can trust The Wax Shack and it's highly trained technicians to give every surface on your bike the attention it deserves. 


Here's what's included in a motorcycle detail:

The People
The first secret to the Wax Shack Q-Tip Detail is the people who are doing it! We are a family business that has been around for 33 years and every person who works on your bike is a highly trained technician paid as a skilled worker- never minimum wage employees. We care about your ride!

The Exterior
Your motorcycle is meticulously hand washed
We begin with the painted surfaces like the gas tank. We use a full paint correction process just like we would on an exotic car to get your finish back in tip-top condition and erase years of wear from your paint. And true to our reputation for being above industry standard, we use not a 1 or 2 step buffing process, but 3!

1- Surface scratches and swirl marks are polished away
2- Paint is polished a second time to get a perfectly smooth and swirl-free finish with a Rupes polisher
3- Paint conditioner and feeder oils are buffed into your paint with a dual action polisher to achieve the envied Wax Shack "wet look" or "mirror finish". Many people don't realize that just like your skin, your paint loses it's moisture (in the form of feeder oils) over time and that moisture needs to be replenished. Otherwise it dries out and the result is fading and oxidation, much like dry skin. Replenishing that moisture is critical to maintain healthy, vibrant paint- especially here in Texas! And slow, generous buffing with a dual action polisher and high end feeder oils is the real secret to the envied Wax Shack Wet Look finish.
The paint is then finally ready for our state-of-the-art  finish. This finish is meticulously applied and results in a beautiful gloss and depth of protection that is unrivaled and will provide durable protection against the elements like harsh UV sunlight, water, pollution, and contamination. 


Your chrome is what really makes your bike shine. We take careful care of all of your chrome surfaces and polish every little detail by hand. We remove oxidized pollutants and tarnished contaminants carefully from the metal surfaces and then polish them to restore a brilliant lustrous shine. No corrosive or abrasive chemicals are used in this part of the process- just a lot of old fashioned elbow grease and attention to detail!

Your wheels are meticulously cleaned by hand to remove corrosive brake dust before it stains or permanently damages chrome and carbon fiber. Wheels are polished by hand and protected to resist brake dust and road grime.

Your tires are cleaned and conditioned with "sling free" protectant

All of your soft surfaces are carefully cleaned by hand to remove build up of dust, dirt and grime, then conditioned to restore their moisture and protected with a UV protectant. 

Finally, we  clean, moisturize, and protect natural and synthetic motorcycle leathers beginning with a pH balanced cleaner that won't dry out your leather and finishing with an aloe-based conditioner with natural oils for the leather and a long-lasting UV protectant. 

The end result is a bike that looks new and will stay that way as long as possible!

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