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Extra deep cleaning and special protection for your pet-friendly vehicle!


Is one of your frequent passengers a pet? We love pets, too! In fact, George (the owner of The Wax Shack) has a household that includes three dogs, three cats and two horses (although the horses never ride in the car).

Your interior will leave The Wax Shack smelling and looking like new and we do it without using fake fragrances that just cover up odors. We use a natural shampoo formulated to eliminate pet odors and enzymatically break down organic matter and then re-clean the surfaces to remove any residue of that product so that it doesn't attract dirt in the future. We protect all of your interior surfaces

Next we use special brushes and attachments to remove the bulk of the pet hair. However, meticulous and patient vacuuming is the real "secret".

After you carpets, seats, door panels, dashboard, headliner and other surfaces are clean and odor free, we will condition your hard plastic, vinyl and leather with a product that increases scratch resistance from your pet's little nails. The result is an interior that is deeply clean and pet friendly!

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