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(Actual image taken in Austin 05-25-2015)


Flooded or wet car? We can fix that!

Left your sunroof open? Don't panic.

Mildew smell out of control? Say goodbye!
Our wet remediation process will not only remove moisture and eliminate mildew smell, it will treat and prevent mildew at the source to prevent it from recurring. We receive many calls from people who are panicked because their cars have gotten wet or flooded inside and they are anticipating thousands of dollars worth of replacements on their interior. Our wet remediation process can save you those thousands and salvage your interior. This process includes:

Deep extraction of water from the interior and trunk
Removing the seats to fully extract all accessible areas
Mildew remediation
Enzyme treatment
Ozone shock treatment to destroy biological cell membranes and prevent mildew recurrence, as well as eliminate odors
Shampooing carpets, seat, vinyl, dashboard, door panels- every square inch
Conditioning interior surfaces to restore their moisture and prevent future cracking
UV protecting hard interior surfaces
Q-Tipping all of the vents, gauges, and dials, then going over them with a horsehair brush and compressed air
The end result is a fully remediated interior with no mildew odor and all materials cleaned and rejuvenated. This process does require that we have the vehicle overnight in order to do the wet remediation, run the ozone shock generator overnight, and finish the interior detail. Call for your appointment today at 512-407-8000. The less time the mildew has to progress the better!

Here's a car that came in yesterday (05/28). If you're wondering why you can't get all the water out of your carpets no matter how long you vacuum, here's why- this is what's underneath once we remove the seats and carpets:

And here's the after pic of that same car today (05/29):

Here's a before and after of today's flooded car, a red '92 Stealth. It was such a dramatic difference that when the owner came back by halfway through the process and saw the seats already cleaned and sitting out he didn't recognize them and couldn't believe they were his seats- and even went and got his wife out of the car to show her. They were so excited about just the seats, we can't wait to see their faces when they see the whole thing done!
Update: Harold picked up his Stealth and couldn't believe it. He said, "I'm thrilled! It looks better than it did before it got flooded! And it even smells good!" We're enjoying the dramatic differences and elated (and relieved) owners with these flooded cars!

Here's a review from a real customer on Yelp:


My car had standing water in it from being parked on a street that flash-flooded during a crazy Texas summer storm.  The water level was high enough on the street for the water to go in through the bottom of the doors.  It stunk and refused to dry out over the next couple of days so I started calling it Swamp Car.

After reading other reviews on Yelp with similar water issues and/or Swamp Cars, I called The Wax Shack.  They bent over backwards to fit me in ASAP and explained every step of the process to me in a friendly unpretentious way.  (I had never had my car professionally cleaned before.)  Their customer service is top notch.

They let me pick up my car at my own convenience after hours, and it looked cleaner inside than it's ever been since it was new.  I'm not particularly fond of the smell of the cleaning products, but other than that I am extremely satisfied.  I'll just be picking up a fancy car scent from Bath & Bodyworks for my Swamp-Car-No-More.

A note from us on the "cleaning smell" she's referring to: running an ozone shock generator leaves behind a residual smell much like a chlorinated swimming pool. It's not overpowering, and will completely dissipate on its own within a couple of days. You can facilitate this by opening the windows to air out the car (provided it's not raining, of course!!). 

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