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This upgrade provides the ultimate in finish preparation and deep, wet results!


What a Clay Bar Treatment is not:

1. It is not a wax or protectant of any kind.

2. It is not a way to remove scratches or swirls.

3. It does not add needed nutrients (conditioning oils) to the finish.

What does a Clay Bar Treatment do for your car?

Remember when you first brought your new car home and it's finish felt like glass when you ran your hand across it?

Then time and the environment did their thing:

1. Tree sap falls on almost every car in the Austin area and dries there leaving little bumps across your finish.

2. Rail dust embeds in your finish. These are very small hot metal filings that come from trains as the metal train wheels rub against the track. The nearer your car is to a train the more rail dust you accumulate. These tiny flecks of metal rust quickly, and usually look like small orange spots in your paint.

3. Insect droppings... yes, they poop, too! These first appear as tiny yellow or amber dots and darken to brown within hours.

4. Paint Overspray- see our Overspray Removal page as this is a more extensive process.

All of these contaminants combine to make your paint feel rough or bumpy. They also cause little pits to form beneath if allowed to stay for too long.

The Clay Bar Treatment removes these problems safely and your paint regains its glassy smooth feel. This makes a much easier surface for sealants and/or waxes to adhere to.

This is achieved by spraying the finish with a lubricant then repeatedly rubbing it with our clay bar, gently lifting out contaminants as they adhere to the clay in a completely non-abrasive process. This leaves the finish silky smooth (it's actually noticeably smoother to the touch!) and opens up the paint to accept more of the feeder oils that we buff into the paint later in the process, similar to cleansing your pores before using a moisturizer.

The result is a finish that not only is undamaged, but healthier, having been deeply cleansed with the clay process and thoroughly rehydrated, showing off the envied Wax Shack “wet look” with a deep, glossy finish.

An added benefit is that the smoother your surface is and the more saturated with oils, the longer your car will stay clean and the easier it will be to wash!

The price for the clay bar upgrade when purchased with a regular Q-Tip Detail Package depends on the vehicle- call 512-407-8000 and we can give you a custom quote for your vehicle.

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