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BMW DRIVERS: The Wax Shack knows your car!

Whether your paint finish is Glassurit or Akyo-Sikkens, we know how to bring out the lustre in all its glory and keep it looking that way for years to come. We use a unique 3 step polishing process and specially selected high-end feeder oils to keep your finish healthy and shining. Our skilled technicians buff your paint once with a high speed buffer to get rid of any swirls, cobwebs, or surface scratches. We buff it a second time with an orbital polisher to get the shine deep and glossy, then a third time very slowly with a dual action polisher to buff in a generous amount of the finest feeder oils available. We lock in those oils with a coat of hand paste 100% carnuba wax that is selected for the color of your car, although if you prefer a polymer we are happy to use that instead. The result is a healthy, moisturized finish with a deep, wet shine that will keep your paint looking better than new.

Whether your BMW has Nappa leather (full grain) or Dakota leather (corrected grain), The Wax Shack craftsmen know how to clean and protect it with loving care. We use a gentle high-end leather cleaner that's PH balanced, and we use only the finest leather conditioners available to keep your leather moist and supple. You can choose whether you would like a matte natural finish or a little gloss, but both are great products with a UV protectant to ensure your leather stays soft and free of cracks.

Your treated aluminum trim is also unique. It requires non-acidic, non-abrasive polish and of course, we have it- and the patience to polish them by hand! You can trust us not to leave behind etched spots on your wheels and trim from harsh cleaners like many places use.

Your dash is made of very durable vinyl- but it requires special cleaning and conditioning to avoid streaking and gloss that causes dangerous reflections on your windshield and amplifies UV light (and therefore UV damage). We use a true cleaning process, shampooing all of your dash and vinyl, Q-Tipping all of the vents and gauges and dials, then conditioning them. We use only the finest conditioners made with strong UV protectants and a natural, matte finish to leave your dash looking new and clean- and never greasy.

We get it. You love that ride and we will, too. The Wax Shack will pamper your BMW like no other detail shop.

Upgrade charge- only $39.95*. Custom prices for our Complete Q-Tip Detail quoted over the phone depending on your individual vehicle. (*$49.95 if your car is black and also needs our Black Car Package).

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