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Disinfect and Protect

Your family spends a lot of time in your car. It's almost like a second home! Since it's such a small, enclosed space where people are in close quarters and close contact with every surface, it's extra important that you keep that space germ- free! Add to that the fact that it's the transitional space where germs first land after being out in public, and you'll be glad to know The Wax Shack offers a hospital-grade disinfecting process with our usual Q-Tip attention to detail. 

This upgrade to our regular interior detail begins with an aerosolization of hospital-grade disinfectact that is disbursed throughout every inch of your vehicle's interior. But we don't stop there. We then load the hospital-grade disinfectant into our Tornador, creating a vortex of water, air, and disinfectant to deliver it deep down into every surface- way down into the foam of the seats, saturating the cloth surfaces, and way down into the fibers of the carpet. Hard surfaces are saturated by hand, and every little crack and crevice is treated with Q-Tips and horse hair brushes. Then adequate time is allowed for the disinfectants to do their job.


Once every surface has been meticulously treated, we proceed with our regular Interior Q-Tip Detail:

*Your carpets and seats are professionally cleaned to remove spots, stains spills, and odors. We actually shampoo both carpets and seats, then extract them to truly eliminate stains. We never just run a steam wand over them to sink stains further in.

*Your headliner is cleaned to remove spots and odors (that's the fabric on your ceiling).

*The door panels and dash are shampooed and conditioned with UV protectant. You'll get to choose whether you want a natural matte finish, a medium gloss, or a high gloss.

*All of your gauges, vents, dials- every little nook and cranny- are Q-tipped to remove dust and build up and conditioned with a special automotive detail brush made of horsehair

*There is no extra charge for leather, which is very carefully cleaned with a gentle pH-balanced cleaner, then conditioned with very high end products containing aloe and natural oils to keep your leather supple and healthy.

*Touch screens are carefully cleaned with Mother's ReVision Touchscreen Cleaner.

*Even the door jambs are cleaned and waxed

*The trunk area is always included and is shampooed just like the rest of the interior.

All of our chemicals are family-safe, and at the end of the process, you can rest easy knowing your family is as protected as possible!

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