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Polishing and sealing your headlamps to enhance nighttime visibility, as well as enhancing the appearance of your car.


Looking for professional headlight restoration in Austin, TX? The Wax Shack can restore your headlamps for a fraction of the cost of most places! We want all of our customers to drive safely even at night, so we offer this service at a deeply discounted rate. Banish the fog from your headlamps and you'll be surprised how much better you can see at night!

This service can be performed while you wait a la carte, or as part of your Complete Q-Tip Detail while your car is already here. We will gently polish away fading, oxidation, crazing, yellowing, and haze so that your lamps look as new as possible and you have maximum night visibility. Then we UV coat them so that the results last as long as possible and your lamps are sealed and protected!

To schedule your headlight restoration, just call 512-407-8000 today!

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