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Ceramic Coatings

Craftsmen working on a car at The Wax Shack

The single most important factor when choosing the company to install your ceramic coating is experience. Do they have the paint correction experience to get your paint as close to perfect as possible before it is sealed in for years? Will they be in business should you need warranty work down the line?

The Wax Shack has been in the paint correction and protection business for over 38 years and will be here for decades to come as we have three generations of paint correction professionals to make your vehicle look its best and keep it looking its best!

Our ceramic coatings provide previously unachievable gloss and protection for your finish. We offer a variety of coatings, with warranties anywhere from 2 - 9 years depending on your goals. We install several major brands, including the original ceramic coating GTechniq, as well as CQuartz and others. 

Every ceramic coating at The Wax Shack begins with our full paint correction and preparation process, and it's included in the surprisingly affordable price. We hand wash your car, then polish it to perfection and saturate the paint with feeder oils and conditioners so that when we coat the finish it's well moisturized and has a deep shine and we're sealing in those oils to keep it healthy. Then we install your ceramic coating of choice, which is a 24 hour process. In order to assure a dust free and flawless finish, the owner has a hand in every ceramic coating himself. 

Call today at 512-407-8000 for a free consultation to find the perfect finish for your car to meet your goals and keep it looking showroom new!

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