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Custom Packages to meet your vehicle's every need



Every regular detail at The Wax Shack includes these services. It's the foundation of what we do. Other upgrades and packages for special vehicles and circumstances can be found further down the page. But here's what a Wax Shack Detail includes:

The People:
The first secret to the Wax Shack Q-Tip Detail is the people who are doing it! We are a family business that has been around for 32 years and every person who works on your car is a highly trained technician paid as a skilled worker- never minimum wage employees. We care about your car!

The Exterior:
*Your vehicle is meticulously hand washed

*Unlike other shops that charge extra (a lot extra!) for paint correction, every complete detail at the Wax Shack includes buffing so your car always leaves looking it's best. And true to our reputation for being above industry standard, we use not a 1 or 2 step buffing process, but 3!

​ 1- Surface scratches and swirl marks are polished away with a high speed buffer
2- Paint is polished a second time with an orbital polisher to get a perfectly smooth finish and a deep shine
3- Paint conditioner and feeder oils are buffed into your paint with a dual action polisher to achieve the envied Wax Shack "wet look" or "mirror finish". Many people don't realize that just like your skin, your paint loses it's moisture (in the form of feeder oils) over time and that moisture needs to be replenished. Otherwise it dries out and the result is oxidation and cracking, much like dry skin. Replenishing that moisture is critical to maintain healthy, vibrant paint- especially here in Texas! And slow, generous buffing with a dual action polisher and high end feeder oils is the real secret to the envied Wax Shack Wet Look finish.

*Your vehicle is then hand waxed with REAL wax (that means 100% carnauba, folks) to seal the shine and add depth and protection

*Your wheels are meticulously polished by hand and protected to resist brake dust and road grime

*Your tires are cleaned and conditioned with "sling free" protectant

*Your trim and chrome are polished to a brilliant shine (even tail pipe extensions) at no extra charge

The Interior:
*Your carpets and seats are professionally cleaned to remove spots, stains spills, and odors. We actually shampoo both carpets and seats, then extract them to truly eliminate stains. We never just run a steam wand over them to sink stains further in.

*Your headliner is cleaned to remove spots and odors (that's the fabric on your ceiling).

*The door panels and dash are shampooed and conditioned with UV protectant. You'll get to choose whether you want a natural matte finish, a medium gloss, or a high gloss.

*All of your gauges, vents, dials- every little nook and cranny- are Q-tipped to remove dust and build up and conditioned with a special automotive detail brush made of horsehair

*There is no extra charge for leather, which is very carefully cleaned with a gentle pH-balanced cleaner, then conditioned with very high end products containing aloe and natural oils to keep your leather supple and healthy.

*Touch screens are carefully cleaned with Mother's ReVision Touchscreen Cleaner.

*Even the door jambs are cleaned and waxed

*The trunk area is always included and is shampooed just like the rest of the interior.


When our owner started detailing all those years ago he knew that if he could make a black finish look amazing that the other colors would be a piece of cake. For 30 years he has been developing the perfect process for making even a black finish look perfect, wet, and swirl-free, and you'll be amazed at the result!

We offer a special upgrade package for black cars to give them the extra pampering they require to look their best.


What a Clay Bar Treatment is not:

1. It is not a wax or protectant of any kind.

2. It is not a way to remove scratches or swirls.

3. It does not add needed nutrients (conditioning oils) to the finish.

What does a Clay Bar Treatment do for your car?

Remember when you first brought your new car home and it's finish felt like glass when you ran your hand across it?

Then time and the environment did their thing:

1. Tree sap falls on almost every car in the Austin area and dries there leaving little bumps across your finish.

2. Rail dust embeds in your finish. These are very small hot metal filings that come from trains as the metal train wheels rub against the track. The nearer your car is to a train the more rail dust you accumulate. These tiny flecks of metal rust quickly, and usually look like small orange spots in your paint.

3. Insect droppings... yes, they poop, too! These first appear as tiny yellow or amber dots and darken to brown within hours.

4. Paint Overspray- see our Overspray Removal page as this is a more extensive process.

All of these contaminants combine to make your paint feel rough or bumpy. They also cause little pits to form beneath if allowed to stay for too long.

The Clay Bar Treatment removes these problems safely and your paint regains its glassy smooth feel. This makes a much easier surface for sealants and/or waxes to adhere to.

This is achieved by spraying the finish with a lubricant then repeatedly rubbing it with our clay bar, gently lifting out contaminants as they adhere to the clay in a completely non-abrasive process. This leaves the finish silky smooth (it's actually noticeably smoother to the touch!) and opens up the paint to accept more of the feeder oils that we buff into the paint later in the process, similar to cleansing your pores before using a moisturizer.

The result is a finish that not only is undamaged, but healthier, having been deeply cleansed with the clay process and thoroughly rehydrated, showing off the envied Wax Shack “wet look” with a deep, glossy finish.

An added benefit is that the smoother your surface is and the more saturated with oils, the longer your car will stay clean and the easier it will be to wash!


Looking for professional headlight restoration in Austin, TX? The Wax Shack can restore your headlamps for a fraction of the cost of most places! We want all of our customers to drive safely even at night, so we offer this service at a deeply discounted rate. Banish the fog from your headlamps and you'll be surprised how much better you can see at night!

This service can be performed while you wait a la carte, or as part of your Complete Q-Tip Detail while your car is already here. We will gently polish away fading, oxidation, crazing, yellowing, and haze so that your lamps look as new as possible and you have maximum night visibility. Then we UV coat them so that the results last as long as possible and your lamps are sealed and protected!


The ultimate protection package to give your brand new car the protection it deserves- at a fraction of the cost of the dealership sealants and packages! Get your new car off to the right start. Designed especially for brand new vehicles. If you are looking to get your pre-loved car looking new, please see the Complete Q-Tip Detail Package at the top of the page.

On brand new cars, our Protection Package includes the following:

*Hand washed
*Swirl marks removed (yes, almost all new cars have already acquired swirl marks from improper washing at the dealership)
*Exterior protectant applied- your choice of hand paste carnauba wax or a polymer paint sealant
*Upholstery and carpets Scotchgarded
*Wheels protected
*Leather conditioned with aloe and natural oils and protected with a UV protectant
*Conditioner and UV protectant applied to all vinyl and plastic surfaces


For the first time ever, The Wax Shack is offering its exclusive award-winning show car finish to the public. This finish consistently wins awards at car shows of all kinds, and now you can show if off on your car, whether it's a garage queen or a daily driver.

Our Diamond Coating Paint System is the highest level of pampering and protection you can give your finish. This finish is truly in a class of its own. If you're looking to take your vehicle to the next level, look no further. For the deepest black, the most brilliant blue, the most captivating red, the pearliest white, the most vibrant colors, there is no alternative.

The depth of shine is unparalleled- you'll be able to see a noticeable difference- and people may just stop you at the gas pump to ask what in the world you do for your car. In the past, if you created a bright, laser-sharp shine you had to sacrifice depth and liquidity. If you went for maximum depth and wetness, the shine was softened. Our diamond Coating looks like a liquid wetness that ripples on the surface while still allowing the depth and energy of the paint to radiate through. We've applied our Diamond Coating to virtually every color of paint out there, and have yet to find a color that didn't turn heads- and maybe create whiplash- after treatment.

But more importantly, the protection it provides will outperform and outlast anything else available. The mile-deep, mirror-like results will last and last, thanks to the most advanced polymer protectants available. Then those polymers are topped with a high end carnauba wax for the best of both worlds. It's a finish that is simply unlike anything you have ever seen before, with unmatched durability and unbeatable optical quality. It also includes a state-of-the-art UV-40 sunscreen for the ultimate sun protection to ensure your vehicle stays looking brilliant and vibrant.


Is one of your frequent passengers a pet? We love pets, too! In fact, George (the owner of The Wax Shack) has a household that includes three dogs, three cats and two horses (although the horses never ride in the car).

Your interior will leave The Wax Shack smelling and looking like new and we do it without using fake fragrances that just cover up odors. We use a natural shampoo formulated to eliminate pet odors and enzymatically break down organic matter and then re-clean the surfaces to remove any residue of that product so that it doesn't attract dirt in the future.


We recommend this upgrade when you have spills around your seat area to be certain that we can access the areas under the rails and remove every last bit of the spills. This is also beneficial when your interior is heavily soiled. You'd be amazed at what we find under there!


BMW DRIVERS: The Wax Shack knows your car!

Whether your paint finish is Glassurit or Akyo-Sikkens, we know how to bring out the lustre in all its glory and keep it looking that way for years to come.

Whether your BMW has Nappa leather (full grain) or Dakota leather (corrected grain), The Wax Shack craftsmen know how to clean and protect it with loving care.

Your treated aluminum trim is also unique. It requires non-acidic, non-abrasive polish and of course, we have it- and the patience to polish them by hand!

Your dash is made of very durable vinyl- but it requires special cleaning and conditioning to avoid streaking and gloss that causes dangerous reflections on your windshield and amplifies UV light (and therefore UV damage).

We get it. You love that ride and we will, too. The Wax Shack will pamper your BMW like no other detail shop.


You drive a truck because you need a vehicle that can handle anything- and the finish on your truck should, too. The Wax Shack is now bringing you a state-of-the-art finish that is as tough as your truck. This finish is the result of 33 years of industry research and includes an ultra high-tech finish that contains DuPont Teflon coating and several other polymers to provide the highest level of protection available for your truck or SUV. This combination creates a "non-stick" finish that provides a barrier against nature's elements that repels insects, tree sap, and even acid rain to keep your truck in showroom condition. While it won't make your truck bullet proof, it is more scratch resistant and will outlast conventional finishes, exhibit exceptional depth of gloss, and provide the best protection available.


Are you a victim of paint or contaminant overspray? The Wax Shack can restore your car gently and without any damage to your paint. We have been in business in Austin for 33 years, and haven't hurt one yet! Actually, by the time we are finished with your car, it will be healthier than before and look as good as new! We use a method that is non-abrasive, and will not leave behind scratches or swirls, will not require a body shop or new paint job, and will not cost you thousands of dollars.


Flooded or wet car? We can fix that!

Left your sunroof open? Don't panic.

Mildew smell out of control? Say goodbye!
Our wet remediation process will not only remove moisture and eliminate mildew smell, it will treat and prevent mildew at the source to prevent it from recurring. We receive many calls from people who are panicked because their cars have gotten wet or flooded inside and they are anticipating thousands of dollars worth of replacements on their interior. Our wet remediation process can save you those thousands and salvage your interior.

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